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Young migrant rights

“Sinan has no papers to prove his nationality ... at least he’s no longer homeless and now has an income of £12 per week”


Life Without Papers - Stories of undocumented migrant

Young migrant project staff

Ajmal Rahimedad and Inger denHaan from our Immigration Team and Claire Nash from Grapevine work together to support young migrants in Coventry.

Inger den Haan - Advisor - Coventry Law Centre

Inger is an accredited caseworker (OISC level 3/LAA Level 2) with extensive experience in all areas of immigration, asylum and nationality law. Inger has experience in EEA law and nationality law. She speaks Dutch, and has some fluency in French and German. She has a particular interest in working with unaccompanied asylum seeking children, trafficked immigrants and vulnerable women and families.

Ajmal Rahimedad - Advisor - Coventry Law Centre

Ajmal joined the Immigration Team as a caseworker having specialised in Immigration Law at university. He is an OISC Level 2 accredited immigration and asylum advisor. He has a particular interest in working with young people.

Claire Nash - Community Worker - Grapevine

Claire has extensive experience of supporting vulnerable young people in the community, particularly those with learning disabilities. She has now widened this to include complex family work and to support young undocumented migrants within the city. Claire helps people stand on their own feet by finding their strengths, working with them to build a good life and creating personal networks of support so they have people to rely on when services cannot be there.

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