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ďYou did an excellent job throughout, and the summing up of my case at the appeal was marvellousĒ


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Case studies

Some examples of people we have helped.

Parent with ongoing asylum case

Bís mum has a complicated ongoing asylum case that may or may not succeed. She has new representation and there may be some hope. In the meantime B, who was born here, had been without Leave to Remain for the first ten years of his life. Bís mum managed to raise funds for the application fee and we applied for B to be registered as British. He was successful and doesnít have to worry about his immigration status ever again. Bís mumís case is now much stronger too, because she is the single parent of a British child.

Worried parent unsure what to do

G was born in the UK and had just turned ten. But he had no papers and his mum was worried about his future, and her own. When Gís school sent out a letter saying that we were coming to run a citizenship workshop, Gís mum didnít wait and literally ran down to the Law Centre. She managed to get help in the community to raise the fee and now, a few months later, G is a proud British citizen.

Children with Irish Passports

E and F were born in Northern Ireland and had Irish passports but are classed as born in Britain. Their mother has a different nationality and was not able to provide for them by working due to her particular circumstances. We helped the children to apply to become British so that they could get the support they need. They are now safely registered as British Citizens.

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