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Discrimination Law governs the right of individuals not be treated less favourably than others on grounds that include sex, race and disability.

For Schools

We are particularly interested in working with schools and children’s centres as they are uniquely placed to know the affected children and reach their parents at the same time. We would like to particularly raise awareness with parents of children around the age of 10 and professionals working with these children. This is to maximise the time available to solve immigration problems in good time before the time comes to apply for higher education and also because of the so called good character requirement. Anyone over the age of 10 applying for British Citizenship needs to show they are of good character. Applying when the children are younger generally makes this more straightforward. Finally the fee payable to the Home Office for a Citizenship application is currently £936 and rises every year. Parents may need time to save up for this, especially if they are in low income situations or have more children who qualify.

What can you do if you think the above applies to children at your school?


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