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We are a member of the civil legal aid service. Our website has achieved the Civil Legal Aid Quality mark standard for legal information websites.
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About this website

Our website

This website is intended as both an introduction to the work of Coventry Law Centre and as an information point in the areas of law in which we specialise. The Law Centre is funded to provide legal advice and information to the people of Coventry and this site is aimed primarily at Coventry's citizens although it is relevant to anyone who lives in England and Wales and is affected by the laws of England and Wales.

The site describes the services that we offer, including the types of advice we give in each area of law, how to get advice and other contact details.

The Director of Coventry Law Centre is responsible for authorship of the content of this site. Our Director can be contacted at Coventry Law Centre, Oakwood House, St Patricks Road, Coventry, CV1 2HL or by email at

Coventry Law Centre is a member of the Law Centres Federation. The Law Society regulates our solicitors. The civil legal aid Internet Quality Mark is awarded to those websites that have complied with the requirements of the quality standard. Details of this standard can be found at the website of the Legal Aid Agency. This Quality Mark was launched in 2002 and this website from Coventry Law Centre was the first law firm or organisation to attain it.

Privacy statement

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This information is only used to make our systems more efficient and our website more useful. It helps us when we update and redesign our website.

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If you are dissatisfied with this website, complaints should be made in the first instance to the Director of Coventry Law Centre. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, and you wish to register an objection to the award of the logo to this website, you should contact the Legal Aid Agency.


Although every effort is made to ensure the information on these pages is accurate and up to date, it should not be treated as a complete and authoritative statement of the law - we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies and their consequences.

The information on this site is not legal advice. If you do have a legal problem you should talk to a lawyer or adviser before making a decision about what to do. You may wish to use the Civil Legal Aid Service Directory civil legal aid directory (use this link whenever you are helping people find advice and the other to get to info on legal aid). The information on this page is written for people resident in, or affected by, the laws of England and Wales only.


We are committed to developing online information services that are accessible to all, regardless of disability or technology. People with disabilities have a moral and legal right to be able to use websites and Internet communications. So, we develop our website to comply with international accessibility standards. We have written an 'Accessibility statement' which details the features that have been implemented within this site to improve the accessibility of its contents. This statement is linked to from every page of the site. (If you prefer to use access keys to follow links, selecting 'Alt and '0' and then 'Enter' will always take you to the Accessibility Statement.)

Please send any comments about the site to Patricia Dowd at

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