Coventry Law Centre

About Coventry Law Centre

Our staff are trained to give highly specialised legal advice and to find legal remedies to your problem.

About our staff

The Law Centre is focused on the delivery of a range of legal services. Those staff that provide the services directly are most visible to our clients.

The reception team

  • Narinder Shergill, Linda Stafford, Pete Shergill.

Details of how to contact reception by telephone or in person are shown on the contact us page.

Solicitors and paralegals

The Law Centre employs solicitors and paralegals:

  • Elayne Hill : Senior Solicitor
  • Karen Ashton : Solicitor
  • Robert Bircumshaw : Solicitor
  • Narinder Samra : Solicitor
  • Philip Monk : Solicitor
  • John Hickey : Solicitor
  • Lydia Nash : Solicitor
  • Ravinder Bains : Solicitor
  • Katherine King : Solicitor
  • Habib Ullah : Solicitor
  • Fanny Forest : Trainee Solicitor
  • Denisa Gannon : Trainee Solicitor
  • Inger den Haan : Advisor
  • Ajmal Rahimedad : Advisor
  • Anne White : Advisor
  • Danny Fearns : Advisor
  • Alexander Gidden : Advisor
  • Janet Gurney : Advisor
  • David Beckett : Advisor
  • Katie Fennell : Advisor
  • Megan Ward : Advisor
  • Tom Barrett : Advisor
  • Michael Bates : Advisor
  • Natasha Ramrous : Advisor
  • Andy Malik : Advisor
  • Ravinder Dhadda : Advisor
  • Mariam Seddon : Advisor
  • Tahsin Chowdhury : Advisor
  • Naomi Lesser : Advisor
  • Lisa Milbourn : Advisor
  • Shirley Cook : Advisor
  • Sobur Khan : Advisor
  • Stewart Hill : Advisor
  • Moataz Alarjah : Advisor

Details of the work that advisors and solicitors specialise in are highlighted in the relevant advice sections of this website.

Other members of staff at the Law Centre are equally vital to the delivery of a quality assured service.

The administration and back office team

  • Patricia Dowd : Casework and ICT Supervisor
  • Bridget Griffith : Typist/Administrator
  • Jennie Bailey : Typist/Administrator
  • Judy Parkinson : Administrator
  • Abu Uddin : Administrator
  • Claire Stern : Information and Learning Manager
  • Emma Bates : Ignite Programme Manager
  • Aparna Ayyalasomayajula : Finance Officer
  • Wendy Stanyon : Company Accountant

The Law Centre Director

The Director of the Law Centre is Sue Bent. The Director has responsibility for the effective strategic management, development and leadership of the Law Centre and overall responsibility for the legal services delivered by the Law Centre.

If you want to give the Director feedback about the services provided by the Law Centre please go to the feedback page. If you want to make a complaint to the Director about any aspect of the Law Centre please go to the complaints page.

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