Coventry Law Centre

About Coventry Law Centre

A recent report noted that for every 1 of funding provided to Law Centres the tax payer saves at least 15 in avoided costs.

About our trustees

Coventry Law Centre is a registered charity, and a company limited by guarantee.

An elected Management Committee of Trustees manages the Law Centre. They meet monthly to decide on policy matters, and to review and monitor progress and finances.

The Trustees are:

  • Prof Harinder Bahra (Chair) : Professor of Management and Diversity and Director of Change Management Consulting Group
  • Linda Bigham : Councillor, Coventry City Council
  • June Jeffrey : Community Activist
  • Roger Hughes : Retired Senior Local Government Officer
  • Keith Wilding : Tribunal Judge, Welfare Benefits and Mental Health
  • Celia Christie : Family Solicitor
  • Graham Moffatt : Retired University Lecturer

The Company Secretary of Coventry Law Centre is Sue Bent, who is also the Director of the Law Centre.

Interested in becoming a Trustee of Coventry Law Centre? Please click here.







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