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Coventry Law Centre Student Volunteer Secures Place with Legal Launch Pad Programme

6 January 2015, Press Release

Genevieve Kurankye, a third year student at Coventry University and student volunteer at Coventry Law Centre has been successful in her recent application to take part in the Legal Launch Pad programme.




Coventry Law Centre's Patron Lord Willy Bach, Coventry University Student Genevieve Kurankye

About the Legal Launch Pad Programme

Higher than average numbers of law students and graduates are from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds and yet they are less likely to find training contracts, pupillages and tenancies. Some of the stumbling blocks are that BAME students (due to their family backgrounds and other evident disadvantages) are more likely to be less prepared for and less informed about the different routes into the profession, what is required of them, and the recruitment process. By the time they become aware of these, it may be too late along their career path, resulting in a waste of their talent, resources, and time. BLD Foundationís Legal Launch Pad programme is designed to meet this gap by helping to increase our beneficiariesí likelihood of success through improving skills, providing information and raising aspirations via training workshops, coaching, mentoring and work placements.

Genevieve Kurankye says, "I am excited to be a part of the Legal Launch Pad Programme this year. I applied for The Legal Launch Pad programme because I was drawn to the organisations ethos of promoting diversity in the legal profession. One of the factors which I believe helped me secure a place on the programme was my experience at Coventry Law Centre. I was able to increase my employability skills whilst working with the Employment Law team which made my application stand out."

Coventry Law Centre Director Sue Bent says, "We are delighted that Genevieve has secured a placement with the Legal Launch Pad. She has undertaken placements with our Employment Law team at Coventry Law Centre run in conjunction with Coventry University Law School and shown great promise as a budding lawyer. We wish her the very best of luck with her future in the legal profession."

Coventry Law Centre has been working in partnership with the Coventry University Law School running legal advice clinics giving advice on Employment Law matters. The Law Centre has also been offering work experience placements to those students participating in the advice clinic programme so that they can gain practical legal skills which will often be their first opportunity to work in a legal setting.

Head of Coventry University Law School Stuart Weinstein says, "Everyone at the law school is proud of Genevieve's achievement and the fact that she has won such a prestigious opportunity so early in her career."

See more information about the Legal Launch Pad.




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