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Survey to look at the impact of benefit cuts

09 December 2013, Coventry Telegraph

A CITYWIDE survey into the impact of benefit cuts on Coventry people is to be undertaken by charities and Warwick University.

Welfare advice agencies say thousands of families in Coventry were deprived of income last year after their benefits were cut or stopped altogether.

The agencies including Coventry Law Centre are so concerned that, together with the university’s Centre for Human Rights in Practice, they are launching a three month survey to uncover the full impact of welfare benefit sanctions in Coventry.

The survey’s launch follows a meeting attended by over 30 organisations and individuals to discuss benefit sanctions in Coventry.

Speaking at the launch, Janet Gurney, from Coventry Law Centre, said: “We are really concerned about the impact the sanctions are having on some of the poorest families in Coventry. From the cases the agencies are seeing it looks like some sanctions are being imposed unfairly, but few people know about their right to appeal, or that appeals are often successful. We would like to support more appeals in Coventry, but we also need to know more about how sanctions are being imposed.”

Anyone that has had their benefits stopped or reduced can take part in the anonymous survey, and get general advice at Coventry Law Centre.


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