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IGNITE - Changing the way Public Services are delivered

30 September 2015, Press Release


IGNITE is an innovative programme which will change the way public services are delivered, moving away from the traditional approach of crisis management to act earlier in resolving people's problems. Our public sector partner, Coventry City Council, will use IGNITE to learn how it can turn lives around and save money in the long run.

Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council, states: "Faced with rising demand and an unprecedented reduction in local government funding, it is easy to say that 'people and communities will need to do more for themselves'. I believe that Ignite's approach offers a big chance to show how this might actually be done".

IGNITE will offer expert advice and support for problems like debt, benefits and housing together with practical hands-on coaching and connecting. This blend of help will see clients become more active in their lives and better able to plan for their future. The project aims to tap into people's strengths and the strengths in communities so that they can move forward, build aspiration and be ready to embrace the opportunities available.

Immersed in two public services (Children's Services in Willenhall and Housing Management in Bell Green), IGNITE will find out how the public sector can engage and partner people and communities in new ways by acting earlier, building strengths and releasing capacity.

The IGNITE programme is run by Coventry Law Centre and Grapevine working as one team. For more information contact Emma Bates, Programme Manager on 02476253176.




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