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Free legal advice service launching for vulnerable people in Warwickshire

8 November 2010

A new advice service that specialises in community care law has launched in Leamington offering a free legal advice service to vulnerable people in Warwickshire.

The service, which is based in the Brunswick Healthy Living Centre on Shubland Street, Leamington will specialise in providing legal advice to people with community care needs. This includes people living with long term illness or disability, anyone who is vulnerable and needs community care support, whether old or young, or anyone who cares for someone with these needs.

The advice service, which is run by Coventry Law Centre, a specialist provider of advice, representation and advocacy, will run a clinic every Thursday between 10am and 2pm where qualified lawyers will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice on community care issues.

Ellen Williamson, community care supervisor for Coventry Law Centre, said: “People with community care needs can be among the most socially excluded in society so it vital that we try to make our service as accessible as possible to those who need it. Expanding our legal advice service into Warwickshire means that we can now offer assistance to those people who need our services across the whole county as well as those who live in Coventry itself.

“Quite often people with community care needs don’t know their legal rights or they don’t know how to access the correct legal resources. This is where our new legal advice service steps in. We can inform people of their legal rights and take action if their rights aren’t being respected. And as local authorities’ budgets are becoming increasingly squeezed, it is more important than ever that people are aware of the community care services they are entitled to and how to go about getting them.”

“It may be that you need help with an adaptation to your home because of a disability, or help with personal care, residential accommodation, domestic routine or respite care. Maybe you care for someone who needs help with these issues. Whatever your individual need, please drop into the centre on Thursdays to discuss your situation.”

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