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March to oppose proposed cuts to Legal Aid

3rd June 2011

27 May 2011

Silent Marches will take place in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Eastbourne and Hastings, Gloucester, Chesterfield, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Bristol and Plymouth.

Coventry Law Centre will be organizing a silent march against the proposed cuts to legal aid at 2pm on 3rd June.

The silence of the march is to symbolize all those who will be silenced because their cases will go unheard without the support of a legal aid lawyer.*

The march will be from the Lady Godiva statue in Broadgate to the Law Centre. It will be led by Lord Bach, Shadow Legal Aid Minister. Also joining in will be Geoffrey Robinson MP, Jim Cunningham MP, Councillor Phil Townsend, Cabinet Member for Corporate and Neighbourhood Services (Coventry City Council), and by Coventry’s Lady Godiva , Pru Poretta, and some of the Godiva Sisters.

Sue Bent, Director of Coventry Law Centre said: “The government has recently consulted on cuts to the legal aid budget. If their proposals go ahead, our ability to provide free advice and representation will be severely restricted. There will be no legal aid funding for cases involving welfare benefits, employment or immigration (unless you are detained), as well as a restriction in funding available for housing cases, and debt cases.

“The Government also proposes to change the means test for legal aid so fewer people will qualify for help on other cases.

“Unless they can pay for a solicitor, people will have to represent themselves in tribunal and court. We believe this will be very difficult for many of our clients because the cases we take on are frequently complex and require legal arguments to be made.

“We believe free, independent advice and representation on legal matters is essential to achieve justice for all. Legal rights have no meaning if you can’t enforce them.”

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