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Health and care complaints system is 'utterly bewildering' for people


Healthwatch England

Health and Community Care advice

We bring together the expertise of our advisers in Community Care and Human Rights law with the knowledge of our Independent Complaints Advocacy Support caseworker, who supports clients with health service complaints as part of Healthwatch Coventry. We are therefore able to provide advice, advocacy and , where appropriate, legal representation across the wide range of issues that affect people who are sick or disabled, or who have a long term condition.

Our clients often need help from both social care services and from health services. Their illness may require a complex range of social support and medical interventions and it is sometimes the case that things go wrong where these different services connect. It can be very difficult for the person receiving these services or their carer or relative to know who is responsible for what aspect, what rights they may have and how to get things put right.

Our service can cut through all of this. We will consider you as a person, not as a case with a set of assessments, and we use our expertise and the strength of the law and of Healthwatch to work with you to get the services you need, and to support you to complain when things have gone wrong.






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