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Employment advice

Last year we provided training and advice on employment rights to over 1000 people.

Compromise agreements

Have you been dismissed?

Have you been made redundant?

Has your employer offered you a Compromise Agreement?

Not sure what to do next?

In order for a compromise agreement to be legally binding you are required to obtain independent legal advice. Coventry Law Centre has three qualified Employment Law Solicitors who can advise you in relation to the termination of your employment and on the terms of the Compromise Agreement. We may be able to negotiate further with your employer to obtain a better settlement for you.

Most employers offer to make a contribution to the cost of obtaining this advice; however, often this is not enough to cover the cost of employing the services of your local High Street Solicitor. Coventry Law Centre is a not for profit organisation and we will not ask for any additional payment for any work done on your behalf.

For peace of mind and for friendly professional advice contact Coventry Law Centre and ask for an appointment with one of our solicitors.

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