Coventry Law Centre

Employment advice

Last year we provided training and advice on employment rights to over 1000 people.

Employment advice

Call into the centre or phone 02476223053 to arrange to speak to someone concerning any Employment issue. We are happy to give advice over the telephone or to take on cases that need our specialist advocacy and representation skills. But please note that we will only advise you if you live in Coventry.

We will advise on working hours, right to paid holidays, breach of contract, time off for caring for dependents, the minimum wage, grievance and disciplinary matters, maternity rights, dismissal, redundancy and discrimination at work on grounds of age, gender and transgender, race, eligion and belief, sexual orientation and disability, or any other employment related matter.

Our advisors are particular experts in representation and advocacy at Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunals.

We can obtain interpreters whenever this is required.

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