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Visually impaired client gets rehoused

Mr F was living in private rented accommodation and wanted to move to social housing.

Socially rented accommodation in Coventry is let through Coventry Homefinder. This is a “choice-based-lettings” scheme in which applicants bid for vacant properties which are advertised weekly. At the end of the week Homefinder allocates the properties to one of those who have placed a bid.

Bids are prioritised according to the Coventry Homefinder allocations policy and applicants are placed into one of 3 “bands” according to how urgent the applicant’s need is. Band 1 is the highest priority band.

Mr F was on the lowest banding priority on Coventry Homefinder and was not successful when bidding for social housing.

Mr F suffers from visual impairment and was often bumping into things and falling in his private accommodation which was unsuitable for his medical needs.

We obtained medical evidence which confirmed the extent of Mr F’s medical and housing needs. We requested medical priority to be awarded to his Homefinder application.

Mr F has been successful in obtaining new accommodation suited to his needs.

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