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Housing advice

Last year, we provided emergency advice and representation to 170 people though our court duty scheme.

Duty possession scheme

The Law Centre's housing team runs a duty Solicitor advice and representation scheme at the Coventry Combined Court.

The Court normally lists housing possession cases in blocks on particular days. The Law Centre attends these sessions and offers free advice and representation to individuals who do not already have representation. The help is available to tenants and owner-occupiers, but not landlords or mortgage providers.

The Legal Aid Agency funds the scheme, but, unlike standard legal aid for legal advice and representation, access to the scheme is dependent upon the urgent circumstances that housing possession actions can produce rather than the individual's financial position. There is no means test, although details of income and savings are recorded as a part of assessing the pilot scheme.

After the hearing the Law Centre writes to the individual and explains what has happened, including details of what the Court decided or ordered and outlining any need for further advice. The Law Centre may advise the individual further on the matter as a part of its other work, or may refer the client to another Solicitor or advice agency as appropriate.

The Law Centre continues to recommend that individuals should seek advice as early as possible when faced with a possession action and should avoid relying on the availability of the duty scheme to get advice. See the Contact Us page of this website for details how to get advice.

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