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“Faced with rising demand and an unprecedented reduction in local government funding, it is easy to say that 'people and communities will need to do more for themselves'. I believe that Ignite's approach offers a big chance to show how this might actually be done”


Martin Reeves, Chief Executive, Coventry City Council

Ignite - the project


IGNITE is a new and exciting programme in Coventry, led by Coventry Law Centre and Grapevine and supported by the Early Action Neighbourhood Fund. It is funded for 5 years with the possibility of a further five years of investment. The Fund was set up by a group of grant makers who want to show national and local government how acting early on problems can save public money now and later on. So it is very important to our funders that IGNITE is not just another programme. It has to drive change in how mainstream public services are planned, funded and delivered, away from crisis and towards early action.

What does early action mean?

We don’t simply mean work that helps very young children, 0-5. By early action we mean a spectrum of work from earliest help to earlier help – from prevention through to narrowly averting crisis. We also mean work that builds readiness for opportunity.

What is IGNITE’S special purpose and ambition?

The objective of the IGNITE Programme is to explore new ways of working with people who cost the state most and to demonstrate that when the public sector acts earlier it can save money in the long term.

Ignite aims to build capability and resilience in those who are most vulnerable and to tap into their strengths and the strengths within their communities and networks - to help them move forward, to build aspiration and to help them to be ready to take opportunities.

The approach is based on a belief that the human relationship between the service provider and service user is key to transformation, and that communities can play a key role in tackling complex human problems.

Ignite’s public service ‘pathfinders’ for change will focus on people with multiple and complex needs but the learning from the work of the programme should be applicable to all people-based services.

There’s a need for a different kind of service and a new kind of culture which engages and partners with people, with community, builds strengths, and releases capacity.

We will learn what that looks like as we inject our approach into the work of two pathfinders: children’s services in Willenhall and housing management services in Bell Green.




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