Coventry Law Centre

Working at the Law Centre

Our staff are trained to give highly specialised legal advice and to find legal remedies to your problem.

Working at the Law Centre

The Law Centre is justifiably proud of its excellent local and national reputation. Our staff achieve outstanding results for clients, and receive very positive feedback from them.

This is not easy. The work we do is challenging. Our clients are vulnerable and need considerable support. Everyone is expected to contribute to making the organisation work, and that means everyone is given targets and measured on the work they do. Working at the Law Centre requires commitment, dedication and hard work.

This makes it an organisation that people can be proud to say they work at, and offers opportunities for gaining a real sense of achievement from the work being done.

However, the Law Centre wants to ensure that it is a place where people want to work, and want to stay working. Therefore, it strives to be an organisation which demonstrates that it:

This means that all staff working at the Law Centre are expected to support these principles in the way they behave at work.

In support of this approach, and to ensure that the Law Centre is a place where people want to work, the organisation links its terms and conditions of employment to these priorities, and has policies which provide a framework which supports this way of working.


There are regular team meetings and staff are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and to share information, and input ideas and comments into issues and cases being discussed. We believe that team work should allow sharing of knowledge and experience, which in turn improves our service to clients and helps staff to develop their knowledge

Business Plans

Each year the Law Centre reviews its strategic plan and draws up a business plan which sets out what it is intending to achieve in the following twelve months. This provides clarity for all staff about targets and outputs to be achieved in their area of work during the year.

Staff development

The Law Centre recognises that its reputation for excellence is dependant on having highly-skilled, well-motivated staff who are experts in their area. Significant emphasis is placed on staff development through the appraisal and supervision systems that we operate. All staff are supported to undertake training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their role. Everyone is encouraged to keep up to date with changes, and to recognise when the needs of the communities we serve are changing. We encourage flexibility in response to this, and actively encourage staff to take on new responsibilities, and to learn new skills.

Work/life balance

The Law Centre is committed to promoting a positive work/life balance. The whole of the leave policy, in conjunction with the salary scales and general working conditions are aimed at assisting in this.

Working environment

The Law Centre offices provide a pleasant and efficient environment in which to work. All staff are provided with the equipment that they need to enable them to do their job efficiently.

Moreover, the Law Centre is committed to ensuring that it can fully meet the needs of disabled employees (and clients). Our facilities are wheelchair accessible, we have hearing loop facilities installed, and we can make appropriate arrangements to adapt workstations and computer facilities.

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