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Money advice

In autumn 2011 the average household debt, excluding mortgages and secured loans, was £8,042.

Money team members

The team is supervised by Philip Monk.

Philip Monk - Solicitor

Philip Monk qualified as a solicitor in November 2007. He has worked in the field of Money Advice for 14 years. He has been a Debt Supervisor for 6 years. He is an Authorised Intermediary for Debt Relief Orders. He has experience in dealing with Statutory Demands, Charging Orders, challenging liability for consumer debts, council tax committal hearings, possession hearings, and bankruptcy. He was the instructing adviser in the Court of Appeal case R (Steele) v Birmingham City Council and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2005] EWCA Civ 1824, [2006] 1 WLR 238. This was a case that determined whether overpayments of welfare benefits could be included in an individualís personal bankruptcy.

Tom Barrett - Money advisor

Tom is a specialist debt caseworker who holds the Institute of Money Adviserís Certificate in Money Advice Practise. He worked as a debt advisor at National Debtline and as a money advisor for Walsall Housing Group before joining Coventry Law Centre. Tom is studying for a masters degree in Social Welfare Law, Policy, and Advice Practise.

Natasha Ramrous - Money advisor

Natasha spent six years working at the National Debtline as an advisor before working as a caseworker at Solihull Community Housing. Before joining Coventry Law Centre she advised and supported vulnerable adults at Birmingham Settlement.

Anne White - Debt and Multidisciplinary advisor

Anne joined Coventry Law Centre in August 2011 having previously worked in the voluntary sector giving benefits and debt advice. Prior to this she worked at a housing association for 8 years advising on saving energy, home safety and local government grants.

Lisa Milbourn - Debt and Family Welfare advisor

Lisa works with families experiencing finacial hardship and other difficulties.


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