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“Government changes have led to a huge increase in the number of people seeking to appeal against benefit decisions”


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What you can do?

If you receive a decision that you disagree with, you need to ask the DWP to review the decision (called a mandatory reconsideration). If they do not change the decision at this point then you would need to appeal the decision. Your local advice agency or Law Centre can help you to do this.

Sanctions in Coventry - Help us to try and make a difference

Thousands of families in Coventry over the last year were left without any income after their benefits have been sanctioned (stopped or reduced). Advice agencies in Coventry are so concerned about what is happening to people here that over 30 organisations got together to share the problems we are seeing on a day to day basis. Problems raused at that meeting included:


What are Coventry Advice Agencies Doing?

Advice Agencies and voluntary organisations in Coventry, in partnership with academics at the University of Warwick, have decided we need to find out more about who is being sanctioned and why. We will be surveying people who are being sanctioned from December 2013 to February 2014. We will use the information from the surveys to negotiate improved standards and more fairness in DWP decision making. We will also encourage more people to appeal against decisions to sanction them. There is a high rate of success in sanctions appeals.

Coventry Survey to Monitor DWP Sactions - get involved

Have you or someone close to you had a benefit section and live in the Coventry area?

Do you work with someone in the Coventry area who has received a benefit sanction?

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