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Monitoring DWP Sanctions

About the survey

Local advice agencies and support services have expressed concern about the impact of the DWP’s new sanctions regime upon claimants who may be considered “vulnerable” because of language, literacy, mental health or other problems.

Local agencies have agreed that it would be valuable to monitor the frequency and impact of these sanctions. We have designed a monitoring form which we are asking all advisers or their clients to complete for each client they see who has received a sanction with regard to their Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

If you or someone you work with have received a saction we would appreciate it if you could complete the survey.

We have tried to keep the form to a manageable length so have not included all the client profile data which most advice agencies collect: we are aiming simply to collect data which will identify whether a claimant who has been sanctioned may be at a disadvantage because of factors such as those mentioned above.

Guidance for Completing the Survey

Please enter all the information available - if you or your client doesn’t have some of the information requested, please write “not known”.

Please try to give detail about the impact of the sanction - explain briefly what effect the sanction is having or is likely to have such as ability to meet essential household costs or impact to physical or mental health.

Collation of Data

The data will be compiled and analysed from the online survey. If you would prefer you can contact or call 02476223053 to receive a paper copy of the survey which can be returned to us in a pre-paid return envelope.

How the Information will be used

The data will be analysed and used in reports to the DWP and others, to demonstrate the impact of sanctions generally and to identify particular groups of claimants who may be disproportionately affected by them. Any reports produced will also be made available to participating advice agencies.

If you are willing to be interviewed this will give us more information about your experience of being sanctioned. The form asks you to indicate that you are willing to be interviewed and to give us your contact number.

The interviews will be undertaken by The University of Warwick.

All personal and contact information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Take the Sanction Monitoring Survey

Take the Survey

Electronic Copy of Sanction Monitoring Survey

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